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Brenda Taylor ... a bridge to your soul

Have you ever wondered what your soul is trying to tell you?

 A session with me can help you reconnect to your Divine Self  and to find the answers to your personal challenges.





Spiritual Ecstasy

The image is meant to inspire and remind us that we are spirit clothed in flesh and we are connected to the Divine as we walk our path of challenge on the earth.

It also is to remind us that we are part of each other in

spirit so we are never alone and we can make a

choice for love and compassion every day.


Artist: Geraldine Hawke (1931-2006)

Reprint by permission only.


What is my purpose here on Earth?

We’ve all asked ourselves that question at one time or another in our lives. Through my own experiences I have come to understand that while we all have an individual purpose, we also share a common purpose. And that common purpose is to know that we are more than just a physical body with thoughts, feelings and experiences, we are also connected to Spirit.

I have chosen to display Geraldine Hawke’s painting Spiritual Ecstasy on my website because it is such a wonderful reminder of this connection we share with the Divine. When our connection to Spirit is open and clear, our individual purpose can be recognized and fully realized. And through the realization of our individual purpose, we will experience joy and fulfillment in our lives. It is as though Heaven has indeed given us wings.

Opening up our connection to Spirit is an exciting and often challenging process. I know that my individual purpose is to assist others through this process. I do this by providing them with the tools they need for their own personal growth, in a safe and supportive environment.